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Lite Feed Balancer is designed for horses and ponies that are good-doers.

It is ideal for horses that are overweight when fed as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

These are the horses and ponies for whom every single calorie counts, and we do not believe you will find a lower calorie feed balancer anywhere.

Sack Size; 15kg


Additional information

Weight 15.5 kg
Nutritional Analysis

Oil % 3.25
Protein % 15.0
Fibre % 17.0
DE MJ/kg 9.1
Starch % 6.5
Calcium % 2.2
Magnesium % 0.6
Vitamin E IU/kg 1,000
Biotin mg/kg 30.0


high-fibre oat by-product, soya bean meal (GM), grass, unmolassed beet pulp, wheatfeed, linseed expeller, soya hulls (GM), vitamin and mineral premix, molasses, soya oil (GM), yeast.

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