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TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes are completely free of all cereal grains.

They have a good conditioning index of 12.5MJ/kg as fed, yet are non-heating allowing horses to look good but focus on the job in hand.

When to use CoolCondition Cubes:-

  • TopSpec Feed Balancers provide the perfect start to feeding a cereal-grain-free, low sugar/starch diet. TopChop Alfalfa and/or unmolassed sugar beet shreds often provide a limited amount of suitable additional calories but when more calories are required or simple cubes are preferred, CoolCondition Cubes provide the answer.
  • Ideal when extra condition is required and a Non-Heating formula is essential.
  • Perfect for any horses or ponies requiring a lowstarch/ high-fibre diet for other reasons e.g. muscle function or a past history of laminitis.

Sack Size; 20kg

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Nutritional Analysis

Oils and fats 5.5%.Protein 14%.Fibre 15%.Ash 8%.Moisture 13.8%.Sodium 0.42%. Selenium 0.2%. enegjy 12.5 Mj/kg


Wheatfeed. high fibre oat by-product.Unmollassed Beet Pulp. Full fat Soya. Full Fat Linseed Meal.Caned Molasses. Soya extract. Calcium Carbonate. Sodium Chloride. Magnesium Oxide