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Spillers Supple & Senior Balancer provides the nutrients that your horse needs everyday alongside a joint supplement for improved comfort and movement.

Great for senior horse or ponies that need a little extra joint support.

Suitable for those prone to laminitis

Size: 15Kg

Weight 16.0 kg
Nutritional Analysis

Digestible Energy (MJ/kg) 10.5, Oil (%) 6, Protein (%) 25, Fibre (%) 8, Starch (%) 9, Vitamin A (iu/kg) 40000, Vitamin D (iu/kg) 4000, Vitamin E (iu/kg) 2000, Vitamin C (mg/kg) 2000, Selenium (mg/kg) 2, Copper (mg/kg) 160, Zinc (mg/kg) 600, Lysine (%) 1.6, Calcium (%) 3, Phosphorus (%) 1.2, Magnesium (%) 0.6, Biotin (mg/kg) 30, Glucosamine (g/kg) 20 & Manganese (mg/kg) 160

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Spillers Horse Feeds manufacture a complete range of horsefeeds suitable for all type of horses

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