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Veteran Mash has been formulated to provide optimum nutrition to horses and ponies who have reached the age and physiological stage in their lives where they will benefit from specialist feeding and a higher calorie intake to maintain optimum body condition. This high fibre, malted flavour daily mash benefits from the unique inclusion of Palatability Plus (P+) taste technology, which is designed to encourage even the fussiest of feeders and help maintain nutritional intake.

Some of the most prevalent diseases identified in veteran horses include dental and respiratory disease, together with a loss of body condition due to reduced feed intake. Priorities when feeding a veteran horse include the ease of feed availability, quality, quantity and palatability of the feed. The Saracen Veteran Mash formulation works on these principles, by offering a highly appetising complete feed to support condition, wellbeing and the signature Saracen shine.

The Saracen Veteran Mash will provide the essential nutritional requirements that are vital for more mature horses and ponies, and provides a fully balanced diet when fed alongside a suitable forage source or a forage replacement ration.

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