Plastic Post Steel Point – 155cm x 5pack


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Plastic posts with double step-in, for all conventional tapes, polywires, ropes and wires.

Vertically reinforced for increased stability with 18cm galvanised spike.

Eyes for up to eight ropes and four tapes.

Weight 2.5 kg

Electric fence wire height guide

Not sure what fence height is right for you? Here’s what we recommend.

Post Distances

A handy guide to insulator posts distances to make sure fences don’t hang too low.

Fending wire and twines 6-8m distance depending on the weight of the fence material
Tapes: 3m for 40mm tape and 5m for 20mm tape. Use 6-8m for 12.5mm tape.

4m with 7-8mm rope diemeters and 6m with 5-6mm rope diameters.


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