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Nedz Original offers horse owners the chance to use a truly traditional method of bedding maintaining the cosy feel and appearance of straw but also the benefits that technological advances bring – a comfortable, economical, highly effective solution to bedding requirements.

Rivalling shavings for absorbency, Nedz Original is made from carefully selected wheat straw which has been through a rigorous quality control process before being chopped and treated with the Natural Nedz formula to promote a healthy, safe environment for your horse.

Why use Nedz Original?

  • Offers cosy, comfortable bedding for your horse
  • Rivals shavings in absorbency
  • All natural and herbal ingredients
  • Bitter tasting to discourage bed eating
  • Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, non toxic environment for your horse
  • Easy to muck out
  • Cost effective
  • Biodegrades within two to three months and can be safely used as fertiliser.

A soft and traditional bedding, Nedz Original works best when mucked out daily.

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