Miscanthus Horse Bedding


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Miscanthus is a sustainable, highly absorbent alternative for horse bedding.

Due to its spongey inner core, which is known as the ‘pith’ inside the cane, it is more absorbent than wood shavings and the natural biodegradable properties of Miscanthus provide nutrients for the soil, as well as a neutral pH, which does not acidify the soil like other mulches can.

Miscanthus is a perennial C4 grass plant that can grow over 3 metres tall. It’s grown by UK farmers, on unproductive farmland and after initial planting it requires no fertilisers, chemicals or soil cultivation, for its potential 20-year life cycle.

Miscanthus absorbs carbon and helps to boost biodiversity on UK farms. It’s harvested every year in the late winter/early spring months and finely chopped up to make absorbent, hygienic and sustainable horse bedding.

  • Dust Extracted
  • Ultra absorbent – approx 3 times more absorbent than shavings
  • Hygienic – It naturally carries less bacteria and microbes
  • Sustainable – the crops grow back each year without re-planting
  • Naturally unpalatable – horses wont eat it
  • Odour reducing – due to high absorbency

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