Little Nipper Rat Trap


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Little Nipper is the original and most iconic name in rodent control, trusted for over 100 years.

Based on the design of the famous Little Nipper Mouse Trap, this is a strong, quick and humane traditional wooden rat trap, designed with a high performance spring and a sensitive treadle design.

It is cleverly designed so the rat has to touch the treadle to access the bait, meaning it has the exceptionally high catch-rate and quick and humane performance that all Little Nippers are known for.

For best results, the trap should be set at a right angle to the rat run, where rat activity has been spotted, with the baited, treadle side closest to the wall.

Rats are neophobic, meaning that they are highly cautious around anything new in their environment.

As such, we recommend placing these traps unset along these runs for several days before baiting and setting to ensure a swift kill

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