Equine America Kentucky Joint Superstrength Powder


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Joint disease, especially wear and tear of the cartilage which covers the articular surfaces of bones within the joint is one of the most common causes of reduced performance and ultimately lameness in performance horses.

In a healthy joint, cartilage is continuously undergoing repair to micro-damage, but as cartilage doesn’t have its own blood supply, it relies on the bone underneath and the synovial or fluid bathing the joint to supply nutrients and key compounds to complete these repairs. As the horse ages, or the daily impact of training and competition increase, the ability of the underlying bone and synovial fluid to provide these nutrients may not be enough to keep up the rate of repair needed, and damage, with the resulting pain, loss of performance and eventually lameness becomes evident.

So it is vital that high-performance horses receive a dietary supply of these key nutrients to maintain the rate of repair, to ensure the cartilage and joint fluid retain their elasticity and shock-absorbing properties to help maintain peak performance.

Sizes. 350gm 700gm and 1.155kg

Weight 0.0 kg

700gm, 350grm, 1.155kg


Ingredients Per 35g Serving
Glucosamine HCl 12,000mg
N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine 1100mg
Chondroitin 5000mg
Hyaluronic Acid (HA)330mg
Boswellia 1700mg
Manganese(from chelate) 50mg
Zinc (from chelate)50mg
Copper (from chelate) 25mg
Magnesium (sulphate)170mg
Vitamin C 500mg


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