BentoBall Refill Treat – Large


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These treats can be used inside the Everlasting treat balls and Everlasting bento balls and they come as a pack of two.

The specially formulated ingredients are completely edible and digestible, with a taste that dogs can’t resist.

Their unique shape and raised dental ridges safely scrub your dog’s teeth for an extra clean and fresh doggie smile.

These healthy treats can be inserted into the Everlasting Treat Ball to provide extra fun and challenging interactive play.

They can also block in additional treats within the treat ball.

Whilst these are called Everlasting treats do remember this is the trade name and we don’t subscribe them to be everlasting.

The length of time it will lst will depend entirely on your dogs intelligence and tenacity level.

Pack of Two

Weight 0.25 kg

Soy protein concentrate, rice powder, water, glycerin, natural vegetarian chicken flavour, garlic powder, brewers yeast, vegetable gum, citiric acid, sodium diacetate, parsley powder

Nutritional Analysis

Min Crude Protein 28%, Min Crude Fat 0.5%, Max Crude Fibre 2.5%, Max Moisture 13%, Max Ash 7%


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