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For older horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work

Highly palatable and easy to chew for horses and ponies with worn or missing teeth

High in fibre with a good calorie level to help with weight maintenance

Contains Ceregest GLC 1, a unique pre and probiotic blend for Gut Loving Care

Suitable for horses and ponies with intolerances to barley and molasses

Quick soak – less than 3 minutes!

Sack Size; 20kg

Additional information

Weight 20.5 kg

Unmolassed Beet Pulp. Wheat Feed. Nutritionally Improved Straw. Toasted Beans. Linseed Expeller (6.0%). Grass Meal. Soya beans. extruded. Calcium Carbonate. Sodium Chloride. Soya (bean) oil. Di-calcium Phosphate. Mint. Yeast. Garlic. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Herbs

Nutritional Analysis

Estimated DE: 11.0 MJ/kgOil: 4.0% .Protein: 12.0%.Fibre: 16.0%.Starch: 10.0%.Total Sugar: 4.7%.Vitamin A: 10.000 IU/kg. Vitamin D: 1.500 IU/kg. Vitamin E: 200 mg/kg

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Allen and Page

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