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Allen and Page Fast Fibre is high in Fibre, low in Sugar and low in Starch.

Fast Fibre is a pelleted feed which is Barley and Molasses free and contains all the essential vitamins and minerals.

It is manufactured from non GM ingredients and is suitable for all horses and ponies, particularly those that need a high Fibre, low Starch or low Sugar diet.

Your horses feed will always be fresh as it soaks in under a minute, unlike other rival products.

Size; 20kg

Additional information

Weight 20.5 kg

Nutritionally Improved Straw. Oat Feed. Unmolassed Beet Pulp. Linseed Expeller (7.4%). Grass Meal. Di-calcium Phosphate. Soya (bean) Oil. Salt. Calcium Carbonate. Mint. Yeast. Fructo-oligosaccharides

Nutritional Analysis

Estimated DE: 8.0 MJ/kg.Oil: 3.0%.Protein: 7.5%.Fibre: 26.0%.Starch: 5.0%.Total Sugar: 2.5%.Vitamin A: 10k iu/kg. Vitamin D: 1.5k iu/kg. Vitamin E: 120 mg/kg

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Allen and Page

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a family-owned company, formulating and manufacturing quality horse feeds, with the highest Non-GM standard of ingredients.