Horse Feeding Guidelines

A horse or pony will eat between 2-2.5% of its bodyweight per day. A simple calculation can be used in order to calculate how much feed is required for your horse:

(Weight (kg) x 2)/100  Example; A 500kg Horse (500 x 2)/100 = 10kg per day

The calculated figure can be split between different feedstuffs (forage, concentrate etc.) in order to meet your horse/ponies requirements.

A minimum of 80% forage(grass,hay,haylage,chops) is recommended.

When feeding your horse any combination of feedstuff the following guidelines should always be followed:

  • Ensure access to clean, fresh water
  • Horses are “trickle feeders”, so feed little and often
  • Feed forage of a high quality to maintain a healthy gut. Forage should make up about 1.5% of the horse/ponies bodyweight.
  • Changes to the animal’s diet should be made gradually
  • Feed should be stored separately to prevent cross contamination
  • Feed buckets, scoops and utensils should be kept clean
  • Horses/ponies teeth should be checked regularly to prevent discomfort when eating
  • Horses/ponies should be wormed regularly

All Feed recommendations are there as a guideline and should be adapted according to the requirements or your horse/pony.